Kid playing with pumpkins

How To Pick Your Own Pumpkins

Are you looking for a PUMPKINTASTIC time! We were the first place in Essex to offer you the chance to visit our pumpkin patches and pick your own pumpkin direct from the field. 
We have thousands of pumpkins for you to choose from and lots of different varieties of squash and pumpkin too! 
Book your tickets online, turn up at your chosen designated time, pick your pumpkin from the field and then pay our helpful staff once you have chosen.  


We have worked really hard to make sure that we can open our patches safely in the current pandemic and give you a great experience so we thank you for all your support to our family farm this year! 

Where is your pumpkin picking in Essex?

We have two pick your own pumpkin patches- one in North Essex and one in South Essex. Postcodes for the Patches are-  
SS15 4ER for Basildon Pumpkin Patch  
CO6 3PR for Colchester Pumpkin Patch  
We will have plenty of pumpkin patch signs around Essex so look out for the signs and you will be sure to see us! 

Who can I bring to the Pumpkin Patch in Essex?

We welcome all of the family- babies, children, grandparents, cousins, neighbours, everyone- but unfortunately we do not allow dogs due to Health and Safety (even our little miniature daschund Fudgie has to miss out on the fun!) 
For 2021 EVERYONE visiting the Pumpkin Patch will require a ticket (excluding babies under 1).

Do I need to book to come to visit the Pumpkin Patch?

Yes you will need to book tickets to visit the pumpkin patch to ensure we can safely open. Tickets cost £6 per family and £2 for additional tickets include entrance to the pumpkin patch and car parking. Everyone visiting the pumpkin patch (excluding babies under 1) will need a ticket. 
You will not be permitted entry to the site without a pre booked ticket.  
No ticket =  no entry. 
If we have to close the patch due to wet weather you will receive a refund for the ticket purchased only and have to book a different date to visit yourself. 

Do you have a photography package available?

We know that pumpkin patch photos are THE BEST and so we have got a package especially for you photographers out there! The package is £50 and allows you on site from 9am- 5pm so you can take lots of beautiful pictures! We also LOVE to see the beautiful photos you take so please do share! Email us for more information.

Can I change my tickets/ get a refund?

Once you have booked your tickets they are not transferable and non-refundable.  
If we have to close the patches due to wet weather or stock availability we will  issue you a refund and you will have to book tickets for a different day yourself.  

How much does it cost at the Pumpkin Patch in Essex?

You will need to book a ticket to enter the Pumpkin Patch this year and will not be permitted entry to the site without a pre booked ticket.   
Our Pumpkin Price List is: 
£1.50 minature pumpkins 
£2.50 small pumpkins 
£3.50 medium pumpkins 
£5.50 large pumpkins 
£8 extra large pumpkins
£12 Monster Pumpkins 

When are your pumpkin patches open in Essex?

The planned opening dates for 2021 are: 

25, 26 September
2, 3 October
9, 10 October
16, 17 October
18- 31st October 

We are open from 9am- 5pm. 

Is it muddy at your Pumpkin Patch?

Yes- you will be coming onto our fields to pick your pumpkins so it can be very muddy so wellies (or at least old shoes!) will need to be worn; but then mud is fun isn’t it?! Please do take care when walking through the field as it is muddy and uneven as you would expect on a farm. 
If it is too muddy and wet and we have to close the patch we will update our website and social media to keep you informed. 

Is there Car Parking at the Pumpkin Patch Essex?

Yes the car parking is on grass fields and plentiful. Please follow the marshals as they will direct you where to park.  Please ensure that you adhere to the 5 miles per hour speed limit on site. Cars are parked at the owners' risk. 

What about the Weather for pumpkin picking?

We all know us British love talking about weather so we will regularly be updating facebook and twitter with weather updates and conditions in the patch so please check these or our home page for an update on conditions here at the pumpkin patches!  
If we have to shut the patches due to wet weather we shall let our customers know on our website and on social media. 
Tickets will be refunded and you will need to purchase additional tickets to visit a different day. 

What do I need to bring with me?!

The WHOLE family, your tickets or a phone showing your tickets, wellies for all,  gloves as the stalks can be prickly- especially for children; a bag/ cloths as the pumpkins will be muddy and a camera to take lots of snaps and selfies of course! All of the pumpkins are cut in the field so there is no need to bring any knives or cutters and these will not be permitted on site! 

Are there any facilities?

The pumpkin patch has a yummy spooky food stall offering eerie bacon rolls, spooky sausages and wizard burgers. As well as refreshing cold drinks and yummy hot chocolate! 
There will be toilets available but we ask that you only use these if necessary and make sure you use hand sanitizer before and after use. 

Do you take card Payments?

Yes we do accept card payments and our preference is contactless payments where possible.  Unfortunately we do not accept cheques.  

Can we bring Wheelchairs?

We are a working farm and our patches are in a field, we do have grass paths around the patches which are wheelchair and pushchair accessible at the moment. 

I have picked too many pumpkins what can I do with them?

That is half the fun!!  

Pumpkins are delicious believe it or not and there are several different ways to cook with them! You can make soups, pasta dishes, pies even cakes! Check out for some inspiration!  


Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates on the patches and the weather! You can also keep up to date on how our pumpkins are growing in the patches! 


Please call our pumpkin phone for a voicemail on 01206 481 983 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Can I bring my dog to the Pumpkin Patch?

I'm afraid we cannot allow dogs at the Pumpkin Patch.