Splashing Through the Season: Our Pumpkin Farm Update!

A Damp Start to the Year

It’s safe to say that our fields have been getting a thorough soaking. I sometimes joke that we could start an impromptu swimming club out here! This unprecedented level of rainfall has certainly put our drainage systems to the test and caused a bit of a delay in our usual field preparations. Cultivating the land has been more of an adventure than usual, with our tractors becoming temporary sculptures in the mud more times than we'd like to admit.
However, despite the challenges, we’re keeping our eyes on the prize. Thanks to some clever scheduling, quick thinking, and a lot of muddy boots, we’re happy to report that our preparations are finally underway. It's a testament to our fantastic team who have battled through the elements, ensuring that not even the Great British weather can stop us from bringing you our best pumpkins yet!

The Great Pumpkin Seed Arrival

In more exciting news, we’ve just received our pumpkin seed delivery, and what a sight it was! Boxes and boxes of potential jack-o’-lanterns and pie fillings, ready and waiting to be planted. These little seeds might look unassuming, but they hold the promise of what’s to come: rows upon rows of glorious pumpkins. We can’t wait to see them start sprouting!
Choosing the right seeds is crucial because, as any seasoned pumpkin farmer will tell you, not all pumpkins are created equal. This year, we’ve gone for a mix of classic favourites and a few new varieties that promise to be just as charming. Whether you’re after the perfect carving pumpkin or the tastiest pie variety, we’ve got you covered.

Splashing Forward

So, what’s next for us here at Foxes Farm Produce? With the fields finally shaking off the excess water and the seeds safely stored in our barn, planting is just around the corner. We're gearing up for some intense planting sessions—imagine lots of mud, laughter, and the occasional lost wellie!
Despite the setbacks, the mood here is optimistic. Farming is all about adapting and overcoming, and this year has been a prime example of just that. We’re all excited to see our fields transform from soggy patches of earth into a vibrant patchwork of greens, oranges, and yellows.

Come Visit Us!

We can’t wait to share this year’s harvest with you all. Remember, our Pick Your Own pumpkin patches will be open as soon as the pumpkins are ready. It’s the perfect autumn activity for families, couples, and anyone in between. Plus, you’ll get to see first-hand how your favourite pumpkins go from seed to superstar.

Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed for a little less rain—although, at this point, we might just be expert puddle-jumpers! In the meantime, why not start thinking about how you’re going to carve your Foxes Farm Produce pumpkin this year? Will it be a spooky spectacle or a goofy grin? Whatever you choose, we're looking forward to seeing your creations.

Thanks for sticking with us through a puddle-packed planting season. Here's to hoping the only things pouring are pumpkin-spiced lattes by the time harvest rolls around!

Warm wishes and muddy boots, Emily 

April 23 2024 Emily French