Get excited- It's planting time here at Foxes Farm Produce!

Hello, Foxes Farm Produce family! 

What a busy month it’s been as we’ve embarked on the journey of planting our pumpkin and sunflower seeds!  Now, we’re delighted that those seeds have germinated and are on their way to becoming the beautiful pumpkins you’ll enjoy come autumn and blooming beautiful sunflowers in the Summer. It’s always a worrying time for us farmers waiting to see those first shoots poke out the soil after spending hours and lots of money planting the seeds! This year was particularly testing with the amount of rain we have had to put up with! It’s never been so wet on the farm! We had to stop planting one day as the tractor was sliding everywhere and pumpkins need to be planted in straight lines! 

The Planting Process
So how do we plant our pumpkins here at Foxes Farm Produce. It all starts with the preparation of our pumpkin patch and wholesale pumpkin fields. We spent countless hours making sure the soil was in perfect condition. Pumpkins love well-drained, nutrient-rich soil, so we worked hard to create the ideal environment for our seeds. After tilling the soil to get the perfect seed bed, it was time for the seeds to go in.

We spent hours researching pumpkin seeds and this year we have a record number of seed varieties planted- from giant pumpkins to tiny mixed coloured ghourds! What are your favourites?!

We have a special pumpkin drill here which carefully spaces the pumpkin seed out to give each future pumpkin the room it needs to grow big and healthy. Planting is a meticulous process, but it’s one of our favourite times of the year. There’s something incredibly rewarding about putting those tiny seeds into the ground, knowing they’ll soon transform into something wonderful.

Germination Excitement
Fast forward a couple of weeks, and we’ve started to see the fruits of our labour. The seeds have germinated! Yay!! A happy dance or two might have happened!! Seeing those first little green shoots pushing through the soil is always a magical moment. It’s a sign that our hard work and Mother Nature’s magic are working together perfectly. Germination is the critical first step in the life cycle of our pumpkins and sunflowers. It’s when the seeds awaken from their dormant state and begin to grow. This year, we’re happy to report a fantastic germination rate, which means plenty of beautiful sunflowers and pumpkins are on the way. Our fields are starting to turn green with new life, and it’s a sight to behold.

Looking Forward
As these pumpkin and sunflower plants continue to grow, we’ll be tending to them carefully. From watering and weeding to protecting them from pests, our team is dedicated to ensuring every plant thrives. We can’t wait to see the tiny shoots develop into sprawling vines and eventually bear pumpkins of all shapes and sizes and huge, yellow sunflowers! We’ll keep you updated on the progress!

For those of you who look forward to our pumpkin and sunflower season each year, we promise it’s going to be a great one. We’re already planning some fun events and activities at the farm for you to enjoy. Whether you’re here to picj your own sunflowers, pick your own pumpkins, play in the field of fun, take some instagrammable pictures or simply take in the beautiful countryside, we’re excited to welcome you to Foxes Farm Produce.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We’ll keep you updated with all the latest news from the farm, so stay tuned! Until then, happy gardening and here’s to a bountiful pumpkin harvest!

The Foxes Farm Produce Team 🎃
May 31 2024 Emily French