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Our Story

Established in 2007 by Guy and Emily French, Foxes Farm Produce is one of the leading pumpkin wholesale growers delivering throughout the UK to wholesale outlets, retail outlets, and fellow pumpkin patches; and they are proud members of The British Christmas Tree Growers Association growing thousands of Nordmann Fir trees for a Pick your Own Christmas Tree field in Basildon and also wholesale market.

They opened the first Pick your Own Pumpkin Patch in Essex in 2015 and each year attract thousands of visitors to their farms in Basildon and Colchester to pick their own pumpkins and ghords. They have a host of celebrity visitors and love to see families enjoying themselves with lots of fantastic photo opportunities.

They set up a Farm Mud Run in 2018 around the farm where visitors enjoy a 1.5km fun run going through obstacles, bogs, straw bales and lots of mud! Ideal family fun! 2022 brings the opening of the Sunflower Patch and The Horsebox catering serving up lots of fresh coffees and ice creams!
Famous people visiting the pumpkin patch
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East of England Co-op sourced locally award
Awards being awarded to Guy & Emily


In 2017 we were awarded the East of England Co-Op "Best Newcomer Award" under their Sourced Locally division. 

In 2019 we were awarded the prestigious “Presidents Award” from the Essex Agricultural Society. 

Growing pumpkins on our pumpkin farm in Essex

We thought you might like to find out more about how our pumpkins grow in our pumpkin fields in Essex.

How We Plant Pumpkins

We plant our pumpkins in May each year and then harvest from September.

How our pumpkin grow in the fields

Our pumpkins grow over the summer in our fields.
Pumpkins Growing
Pumpkins being harvested

How we harvest pumpkins

Our pumpkins are harvested by tractor or trailer.

How we store and distribute pumpkins all over the UK

Once harvested, our pumpkins are stored and then graded for distribution. 
Pumpkins in an octabin

No Vacancies at the moment :(

Unfortunately there are no job vacancies at the moment but if you’d like to join our team keep checking back!
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UK Wide Delivery

one of the leading wholesale patches in the UK

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Fun on the farm

from late September

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From november

Christmas trees being packed

Closed for 2022

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