Pumpkin Trailer - Upminster 

Pumpkin Trailer Essex
(Please note there is No Pumpkin Patch at the Pumpkin Trailer - Please visit SS15 4ER for the Pumpkin Patch in Basildon) 
We have our famous Upminster Pumpkin Trailer at the farm, which is open between Saturday 21st October to 29th October 2017 from 10am- 4pm. Come and choose your pumpkin from us at our farm trailer in the yard at: 
Hall Lane 
(Please note there is No pumpkin patch at the  
Pumpkin Trailer....) 
Pumpkin Trailer Essex Farm Pumpkin tractor and trailer Essex Upminster

Foxes Farm Produce Tops Tips for Pumpkin Carving (perfect to print out to use when carving you pumpkin this Halloween) 

1. Cut the Lid 
Make a hole in the top of the pumpkin and cut a lid. Angle the knife towards the centre of the pumpkin so that it can be replaced again. A six sided lid as opposed to a circle will be easier to replace. 
2. Clean the Pumpkin 
Using a spoon clean out the string and seeds. 
3. Add the Face 
Design a face on a piece of paper, to get those creative juices flowing we have created some for you already! Put the piece of paper on the pumpkin and prick holes through the paper which will leave you with an outline of a face. 
4. Carve 
Carve the pumpkin with a pointed saw blade and use gentle sawing action to prick out the bits of the pumpkins. 
5. Light 
Use a tealight at the base of the pumpkin. Cut a small hole in the top of the pumpkin to let the smoke and heat out. 
6. Photograph 
Take a photo of your carved pumpkin and the pumpkin carver and share on our facebook and twitter page- we love to see all the scary creations our lovely pickers have created! 
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