Wholesale Pumpkins 

Here at Foxes Farm produce we love our pumpkins and whether you like them for carving or for cooking or for something entirely different we can help! 
We supply a wide range of customers from big to small so whatever your requirement we are happy to see if we can help! 
We have provided approximate weights below for our size ranges, but please remember that pumpkin are a growing crop so no two pumpkins will weigh the same. We have provided these for guidance on what you will expect with your order..  
We grow the following varieties of pumpkins: 
Our small pumpkins weigh up to 1kg. This pumpkin is best suited for culinary purposes, including pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, even pumpkin cake! 
Our standard pumpkin fits most purposes! It weighs approx 1.5kg to 3kg. This pumpkin is the ideal size for carving and for cooking! 
Medium Pumpkins 
Our most popular jack-o-lantern pumpkin which is just what you want for carving your perfect pumpkin this year! 
Large and Extra Large 
Our large pumpkins weigh in the region of 3kg to 7kg approx and our extra large pumpkins weigh approx anywhere from 7kg to 15kg approx. These are best suited for displays, but would also look fantastically scary if carved! 
Onion Squash 
Our onion squashes are ideal for any culinary purpose or Halloween display. 
Festival Squash 
The sugar content in our festival squash is high which makes them super tasty! They look great too- perfect for decorative purposes! 
Crown Prince Pumpkins 
Our crown prince pumpkins are ideal for any culinary purpose particularly in Asian food. They taste delicious and are attractive in displays too due to their grey colour! 

WHOLESALE PUMPKINS I would like to buy your pumpkins - what happens next? 

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 ......  
1) Place your order 
To place your order please contact either Emily French on 07720 888053 or email emily@foxesfarmproduce.co.uk and we will send you our price list. Please note that we do have minimum numbers for orders. 
2) Foxes Farm Produce check the availability 
Our pumpkins are available from early September right through to the end of October. Please order your pumpkins early to avoid disappointment, as we are likely to sell out before the end of October. 
3) Organise the delivery of your pumpkins 
Once we have received your order we will provide you with an appropriate delivery date and time. Payment is usually required in advance or on delivery of the pumpkins, and we accept cheques and BACS payment. Please note delivery charges may apply and that delivery is carried out by an external courier. We are able to supply pumpkins in any quantity throughout the UK. 

GROWING PUMPKINS ON OUR FARM We thought you may like to see how our pumpkins grow. 

We plant our pumpkins in May each year and then harvest from September 
Our pumpkins grow over the summer in the fields
Our pumpkins are harvested by tractor and trailer 
Once harvested our pumpkins are stored and then graded for distribution. 
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