Farm Gallery 

Here at Foxes Farm Produce we LOVE everything to do with our farm and LOVE receiving photos from you! Keep sending them in on social media to see if you make our gallery! 
Here is a snapshot of some fo things that we get up to on the farm! 
Pumpkin patch
Corn Maze
Frankenstein pumpkins Essex
Pumpkin pile up Essex
Pumpkin patch women Essex
Pumpkin pull a face Essex
Pumpkin bale Foxes Farm
Guy and Emily French Essex
Power harrow Foxes Farm
Matbro pumpkin harvest
Pumpkin tractor and trailer wholesale Essex
Foxes Farm wooden pumpkin crates
Pumpkin sofa Essex
Pumpkin patch wheelbarrow Essex
Children pumpkin trailer
Pumpkin picking field Essex mud
Pumpkin patch photo Essex Foxes Farm
TOWIE pumpkin patch Essex
The only way is Essex pumpkin patch Basildon
Pumpkin field Essex
TOWIE cast pumpkins Essex
General public pumpkin picking Basildon
Pumpkin photo Essex Basildon
Pumpkin family picking Colchester
Christmas tree cabin Essex
Christmas tree Essex Upminster Foxes Farm
Christmas tree staff display Foxes Farm Upminster
Christmas tree retail London Essex Upminster
Egedal Christmas tree planter Essex
Foxes Farm new planting Christmas trees
Christmas tree retail Upmisnter
Farm dog Foxes Farm Christmas trees
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